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Authorities were waiting as another Cuban vessel lands on Isla Mujeres beach

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Another boat carrying eight Cuban nationals has been intercepted off Isla Mujeres. The small boat carrying the three women and five men was met on a beach area near the irregular colony La Guadalupana.

According to those on board, they sailed for 11 days after leaving Pinar del Río. Along the way, all their food became wet due to the heavy rains. The strong winds, which created large waves, also ruined their drinking water.

Authorities were waiting for them as they approached the beach along a southern area of Isla Mujeres. One of the women on board was treated in the sand by paramedics upon landfall. The other seven were transferred to the National Institute of Migration (INM) facilities.

Authorities waited on land as the boat slowly approached Isla Mujeres.

It is the second boat of eight Cuban nationals to land on the island this week. On Monday morning, authorities were waiting for the arrival of another small vessel also carrying eight Cuban nationals. That boat made landfall on the northeast point of the island.