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Authorities evict Playa del Carmen squatters on CFE land

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Agents of the State Police and the State Attorney General’s Office evicted a group of people who had occupied land owned by the Federal Electricity Commission.

The physical eviction took place Friday in the irregular area known as Las Torres in west Playa del Carmen. Aside from being evicted from the land, the makeshift homes they built were torn down.

Heavy machinery was brought in to remove the erected buildings. Those illegally living on the property were given time to remove their personal items before the buildings were destroyed.

An FGE seal remains after the eviction of the federal land squatters. Photo: FGE October 20, 2023.

The land they were squatting on is federal land that belongs to the CFE. Legal representatives of the CFE were at the scene while the eviction was carried out. The squatters were removed from federal land, which is located near the Bali subdivision of Playa del Carmen.