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Authorities continue to battle Cancun wildfires

Cancun, Q.R. — Three wildfires have officially consumed more than 1,000 hectares outside the city of Cancun. After touring the areas, Pablo Gutiérrez Hernández of the Cancun City Council said they continue to work with authorities in the fight to put out the fires.

One fire, La Aldea which has been deemed a forest fire by the National Fire Commission, has burned more than 520 hectares. Gutiérrez Hernández says it is unfortunate that a majority of the state’s fires are caused by people.

Authorities toured the burning areas Tuesday. Photo: May 21, 2024.

“For this reason, the collaboration of citizens is very important to prevent them (fires) in all the green areas of the municipality,” he said referring in particular to the burning of garbage.

Officials from the Cancun City Council along with the Fire Director, Civil Protection Dispatch Manager and the Northern Zone Coordinator of Forest Fires of the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) toured the burning areas Tuesday.

The La Aldea fire he said, which is the largest, is about 87 percent controlled and 80 percent liquidated, however, the other two continue to burn.

A majority of the state’s fires this year are from intentional land burnings that became out of control.
Photo: May 21, 2024.

Over the weekend, motorists traveling west of Cancun shared photos of the thick smoke generated by the wildfires outside the city.