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Angry residents quickly outnumber police in attempted land eviction

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Angry residents quickly outnumbered police Thursday who withdrew during a Playa del Carmen eviction process. People residing in several homes located in the irregular area of Las Torres were required to leave the land on notice of eviction.

However, hostile area residents quickly outnumbered security elements sent to the irregular area to carry out the eviction, forcing them to withdraw.

Elements of Public Security, the State Attorney General’s Office and National Guard arrived around 11:00 a.m. to carry out the eviction notice for the illegal residents. A total of a dozen police were stationed at two points around the land during the eviction.

As word spread of their presence, dozens of people appeared to stop the eviction. One area resident, Pablo “H”, claimed police appeared without any legal basis for the eviction.

He said it was the third time they have arrived to carry out the operation, each time, leaving.

“We need to have a home. We are not asking for the land to be given to us. We are going to pay for it, but with support from the government,” he said.

The resident of this area stated that at first the officers “came to talk in a good manner,” but then “tempers heated up” when police began to close streets and block entrances and exits.

“They treat us as if we were the drug traffickers of Sinaloa. It’s not fair. They wanted to evict one of the nearby neighbors but they ran away because they don’t have legal support,” he claimed.

The last Playa del Carmen land eviction was in October when several people were removed after setting up illegally on Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) land.