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Angry group protests power outages with Chiquila roadblock

Chiquila, Q.R. — On going electrical blackouts have created frustration in Chiquila. On Thursday, angry residents blocked the entrance to Las Tamarindos demanding their power be restored.

Large rocks and tree branches were used to block the only way in and out of the area. Their roadblock also affected Holbox ferry access.

Residents are angry at the near-daily power outages being felt by the CFE. The group protested that the company cuts power without notice, something they say, has been happening day and night. They are also angry at the toll the power cuts are having on their appliances.

Port of Chiquila Mayor Joel Pino Álvarez has been asked to step in and arrange a meeting with the person in charge of the CFE to resolve the problem.

CFE superintendent José Luis Verde Serrano has since said a brigade of workers will be sent to review the power lines from Solferino to Chiquilá where the blackouts have been occurring the most. Verde said additional transformers would be installed if required.

Elements of Public Security and Transit arrived to remove the blockade and ensure order among the angry residents since they said the roadblock will remain in place until the CFE resolves the problem.