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AMLO says he intends to speak with Walmart de Mexico about its decision to cancel older adult bag packers

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said that he will speak with Walmart de México to seek a solution regarding the return of older adults to their stores as packers. AMLO said that he intends to speak with Walmart about its decision to not allow the return of older adults as bag packers in its stores, a move that has affected more than 35,000.

“Walmart is one of the shopping centers that sells the most, so why not help? I think they would,” said López Obrador during his morning conference. “It’s just a matter of talking to them. Many times things are resolved with dialogue, with communication,” he added.

His comments come after Walmart de Mexico canceled its agreement with the Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultas Mayores (Inapam), an agency that placed older adults in positions such as bag packers to earn money.

A few weeks ago when the National Institute of Older Adults (Inapam) asked companies to reinstate the elderly in their work places, Walmart instead canceled the agreement, saying their stores no longer provide plastic bags and that their customers prefer to pack their own.

In March of 2020, all older adults that were part of Inapam and worked at the various commercial outlets around the country were removed from their positions due to the covid pandemic, a move that was believed to be temporary.

With the cancellation of the agreement, more than 35,000 older adults between the ages of 60 and 74 have been affected. The jobs were non-paying, but the government-backed program helped them earn money via tips.