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American boat from Cancun assisted after engine fire in Isla Mujeres waters

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — A private American boat in Isla Mujeres waters caught the attention of beach goers Saturday. Other vessels made their way to assist the boat that was carrying at least nine people after seeing smoke.

A small engine fire generated a fair amount of black smoke as the boat sailed along the west side of the island. Those on board were able to contain the fire with an extinguisher before it spread. The boat suffered only minor damage with no injuries being reported.

American boat Alma was assisted by a crew from a nearby Ultramar ferry. The Wilmington Delaware registered boat was transporting tourists and had arrived at Isla Mujeres from a marina in Cancun at the time of the incident.

American boat from Cancun assisted after engine fire at Isla Mujeres
Crew from Ultramar assisted Alma during an engine fire. Photo: February 4, 2024.

Guests on board were seen moved toward the front of the vessel while the crew worked to extinguish the fire in the back. The boat was reportedly transferring guests to an island restaurant when the engine caught fire. Ultramar, the Port Captaincy and Isla Mujeres Marina assisted Alma in the Saturday afternoon mishap.