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Aguakan makes emergency repair to Isla Mujeres water line after CFE pole moves

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Aguakan spent the better part of Friday making an emergency repair to a main island waterline. The line cracked after “the displacement of a pole that supplies power to the island,” Aguakan reported in a statement.

“With great efficiency, we have completed the work in record time to repair the leak. The line break was located on an essential water line for the potable water cistern that supplies Isla Mujeres,” Aguakan reported without providing details as to how the CFE pole became displaced.

Aguakan personnel worked steadily in cooperation with CFE “with the aim of resuming operation as quickly as possible and restoring service to the entire island.”

Aguakan crews worked the day to repair the cracked waterline made by a displaced CFE pole.
Photo: Aguakan September 1, 2023.

Water was off for several hours while Aguakan worked to repair a main 12-inch potable water line that feeds the island. The water company pointed out that the line “also supplies the potable water well that pumps to Isla Mujeres.”

In addition to repairs, Aguakan sent four trucks of drinking water to the island for the 10:30 a.m. Ultracarga ferry crossing, who gave the company “top priority for the crossing.”