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Afamjal reports Mexico fifth globally in furniture exports

Jalisco, Mexico — The  Association of Furniture Manufacturers of Jalisco (Afamjal) says Mexico is the world’s fifth largest exporter. According to Afamjal President Jorge Rios, last year, the country exported nearly $12.8 billion, exceeding Canada and the U.S.

Rios referred to Mexico as “a furniture exporting power” since it is the fifth country with the highest international sales. In 2022, the nation exported nearly $12.8 billion.

He reported that nine out of every 10 dollars in exports were destined for the United States. However, Canada and Latin American countries such as Brazil and Guatemala, were also relevant markets.

“The countries that are above Mexico are China, Vietnam, Germany and Italy, who are internationally recognized for being global powers in the sector. We are happy to be in the top five for international exports. It puts the name of Mexico and the furniture sector high,” he said.

Rios says the heart of  the Mexican furniture industry is in Jalisco, where in August, they hosted one of the most anticipated events in the world of interior design and furniture manufacturing: Expo Mueble Internacional (EXMI) and Tecno Mueble Internacional (TMI).

He reported that during the event, industry leaders, designers, exhibitors and buyers participated to celebrate the latest in furniture design, manufacturing and trends. The exhibitors pointed out that 26 percent of their annual sales are captured through the event, which demonstrates the strong sales engine it represents for the country.