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Two newborn fawns rescued from back of Playa del Carmen yard

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Department of Sustainable Environment says they have rescued two newborn fawns from the residential community of Playacar in Playa del Carmen after a neighbor notified authorities.

Crissel Chico, a biologist with the Dirección de Medio Ambiente Sustentable y Cambio Climático del municipio de Solidaridad, said that the two newborns were rescued from the backyard of a Playacar home after being discovered by a gardener.

Chico explained that the homeowner made the report to the Sanimal veterinary clinic in Playacar who then passed along the report to environmental officials. Chico said that due to the timely report, they were able to go to the home and rescue the fawns.

The biologist explained that, accompanied by staff from Rescate de Fauna Silvestre ORGFAS A.C., they determined that the mother was not returning to the newborns, which he said, were found exposed and in danger.

He says the decision was made to take them to the Sanimal clinic for first care and review where they found the fawns to be stable but with slight symptoms of dehydration. He says both animals received veterinary medical services as well as bottles, since both were hungry and were estimated to have not eaten for about two days.

They have since been transferred to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection.