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Subcommand center at Puerto Aventuras offering services, security

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — With the installation of the new Subcommand Center in Puerto Aventuras, more than 900 driver’s licenses have been issued since June. Along with providing additional community security, the new center has also provided many much-needed services for residents.

Center Commander Jorge Robles Aguilar says “The safety and tranquility of the inhabitants in Puerto Aventuras is one of our priorities,” adding that “the municipal president is committed to improving the presence of the municipal police.”

He explained that since its opening in June, 983 driver’s licenses and permits have been issued in the Licensing Module implemented in the Delegation of Puerto Aventuras through the Ministry of Public Safety.

Since its implementation, the module has issued more than 900 licenses for motorists, collective public service drivers and motorcyclists, as well as their renewal and provisional permits for tourists and minors.

The construction of the Subcommand Center of the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit in the delegation of Puerto Aventuras will, in time, include all the services to provide full support to citizens such as a Department of Experts and area of Civic Judges, which will be installed gradually.