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Price hike in effect for Holbox ferry tickets

Holbox, Q.R. — A ferry ticket increase has been implemented for tourists visiting the island of Holbox by city officials who will use the additional funds to cover the sanitation of the insula sanitary landfill.

The price increase has been implemented by the Ayuntamiento de Lázaro Cárdenas for both Holbox Express and 9 Hermanos who has added another 50 peso to the price of a ferry ticket to both companies that run the mainland-island route. The cost of a one-way ticket now costs 200 peso per adult.

The proceeds from the increase will be managed by a trust, with the endorsement of the City Council itself, whose head, Nivardo Mena Villanueva, says that the collection does not apply to local and Quintana Roo residents, only to national and international tourists.

Mena Villanueva stressed that up to 20 tons of waste arrive daily for the landfill that they intend to clean up.

The president of the asociación de hoteles de Holbox, Bárbara Hernández, said that during the holiday season, the island recorded a 100 percent occupancy rate.