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Pandemic situation leaves some Cancun residents desperate

Cancun, Q.R. — Due to their lack of financial resources, a group of people in Cancun were attempting to invade a row of empty houses, but were intercepted by police.

The group of potential squatters singled out the abandoned housing project in the Selva subdivision in Region 225 of Cancun, however, police were called and able to prevent them from entering the buildings. Some from the group explained they they no longer have money to pay rent and have received eviction threats from landlords.

Elements of the municipal police and the secretary general of the City Council, Jorge Aguilar, held a meeting with the group providing legal advice on their current situation and how they can proceed in the event of evictions.

Aguilar was emphatic when pointing out that under no circumstance could he allow them to occupy the empty homes. He explained that not only would they be committing crimes, the homes are without basic services such as electricity and sanitary water lines. The municipal official said he understood the situation they are going through, but that they must be respectful of the law.