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Pair each sentenced to 50 years for Bacalar kidnapping

Bacalar, Q.R. — A man and woman have each been sentenced to 50 years for the kidnapping of Bacalar man in 2021. The sentence was handed down Tuesday by a Chetumal judge who found both Zacarías “N” and Juana “N” guilty of aggravated kidnapping .

The State Attorney General Office obtained a conviction of 50 years in prison for Zacarías “N” and Juana “N” after being found criminally responsible for the aggravated kidnapping of a Bacalar man in September 2021.

“The events occurred when the male victim was accompanied by workers from his ranch located in the municipality of Bacalar, where two people arrived aboard a motorcycle, carrying firearms, who violently deprived him of his freedom, taking him away in his vehicle to an unknown destination.

“Subsequently, relatives of the victim received telephone messages in which, through pressure mechanisms, they demanded payment of a financial amount for the victim’s ransom,” the State Attorney General reported in a statement.

“An Oral Trial judge issued the conviction and subsequently, in the hearing to individualize sanctions and reparation of damage, the jurisdiction issued a conviction with a penalty of 50 years in prison against Zacarías “N” and Juana “N”, for the crime of aggravated kidnapping, in addition to imposing a fine in the amount of 350,480 pesos to compensate for the damage,” they added.