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Out-of-control garbage fire ignites Tulum restaurant

Tulum, Q.R. — Significant losses were felt for a Tulum restaurant owner after 60 percent of his business was consumed by fire Thursday. The fire was reported around 3:00 p.m. inside an eatery that remains closed due to the global pandemic.

The restaurant, which was part of the Lucky Traveler Hotel, caught fire after a strong wind carried sparks from an intentionally-set garbage fire up to the dry grass roof. The grass palapa roof quickly ignited. Approximately 60 percent of the restaurant was burned.

Tulum firefighters are asking people to not burn anything, since this is the third fire in only a few weeks that has gotten out of control.

“The message for the population is not to burn trash and in case you see a fire report it immediately to emergency numbers 911 or firemen cell phones 9841336532 and 9848713732,” said the deputy operational director of fire, Justino Errasquin Abdala.

Despite constant recommendations to avoid controlled burns in Tulum, they continue to take place, he added.