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Meeting canceled between AMLO and environmentalists over Maya Train Section 5

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador canceled the meeting he had agreed to with environmentalists from Playa del Carmen. The meeting was canceled after the group had already arrived in the capital city.

AMLO reported the meeting canceled after, according to him, some of the environmentalists canceled, however, only one, Eugenio Derbez, was unable to attend for work reasons.

During his Monday morning press conference, the President talked about the cancellation of the meeting between himself and representatives of the Sélvame del Tren to discuss section 5 south of his Maya Train project, arguing that “several of the guests have publicly declared that they will not attend the National Palace.”

In a statement regarding the canceled meeting, the federal government asked that the activists, artists and personalities of this movement visit that region of Quintana Roo and speak with residents, indigenous communities and families of Ejidatarios who live along section 5 of the Maya Train, which runs from Cancun to Tulum.

“That way they will find out that the people were informed and consulted,” the statement says.

“Along the Maya Train, people know about the project and community by community has been consulted; besides that its construction is carried out protecting the environment and archaeological heritage; and cenotes, underground rivers, and caverns will not be affected,” according to the government statement.

The Selvame del Tren expressed their disappointment regarding the cancellation. Through a statement, the organization said that it is “a shame that the President rejected the dialogue he offered us,” saying that the cancellation “shows that they do not have the environmental impact studies that the law requires and that we are right in our concern about the damage caused to the jungle and the Mayan aquifer.”

They said that they will continue to insist on respectful talks with the President and that the judicial suspension of the project be maintained until the necessary studies are completed.