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José María Morelos residents holding CFE truck ‘hostage’ until service is stabilized

Plan de la Noria Poniente, José María Morelos — Residents in the municipality of José María Morelos stood true to their word. After weeks of continued electrical blackouts, some residents had threatened to retain CFE personnel and not release them until the company resolved the blackout problem.

While they didn’t actually retain CFE personnel, they did manage to hold a company vehicle hostage. Over the weekend, the 253 residents of the community of Plan de la Noria Poniente kept the truck as insurance.

The company truck was prevented from leaving the area by the angry residents when CFE personnel arrived Saturday to review the services. Former delegate José Pacheco Novelo said the company truck will stay in the community until the CFE service is fully repaired.

He also said that they are demanding a face-to-face with the Superintendent of the CFE to offer a first-hand account of the situation and CFE problems that affect residents.

According to residents, the ongoing power outages have spoiled food since they are near daily and last for several hours, while the varied voltages have damaged appliances.

The unstable power has also been a reported problem in the communities of Othón P. Blanco, Bacalar and Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Last week, residents in José María Morelos protested publicly saying they were fed up with the near-daily CFE blackouts. At the time, ejidal Commissioner Fredy Arguello Pacheco said that some people have become desperate to be heard and “have suggested that we retain CFE personnel and not release them until the company resolves the blackout problem.”