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Group sets fire to a Cozumel house with Molotov cocktail

Cozumel, Q.R. — A house caught fire in the Flores Magon II neighborhood of Cozumel after people allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail against the door of the home.

Cozumel firemen were called to the scene of the fire after one person from a group threw it lit against the door then fled. According to a report by commander of the Ministerial Police, Armando Pérez Pérez, approximately six subjects came walking through the colony, until they reached their objective.

Two of them had “missile” type beer bottles with the fuel and a wick, while two other subjects carried squad-type firearms, ready for use if necessary.

When they arrived, one of them lit the wick and threw the bomb at the door then ran away, and in their escape, they left a second one abandoned in a sandy area of a children’s park where there were no people.

Neighbors requested help from the Cozumel fire department, however, by the time they arrived, neighbors had already extinguished the fire. Firemen entered the empty home to ensure all flames were extinguished before leaving. There were no injures reported.