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Cozumel mayor meets with new head of Mérida U.S. Consulate, no travel warnings

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel’s mayor Pedro Joaquín has met with newly appointed U.S. Consular head Caroline Amberger, with whom he reaffirmed ties of friendship and cooperation for the benefit of the residents and American tourists who visit Cozumel.

Joaquín Delbouis met with Caroline Amberger, who was accompanied by the Cozumel consular agent Terri Barnhart-Ocejo. At their meeting, both highlighted the work carried out by the municipality including the safety of its visitors since Cozumel is a leading cruise ship destination. They exchanged experiences, visions and the intention of strengthening direct contact with the City of Cozumel.

“The meeting was fruitful,” said Joaquín Delbouis adding “representatives of the Consulate who visited us reaffirmed their commitment to contribute to the current administration for the next year of 2020, providing the necessary support regarding the tourist activities.”

Amberger thanked the Municipal President for the support he provides to the consular agent in Cozumel, Terri Barnhart-Ocejo to ensure the safety of US citizens who are always received in a very warm and friendly way.

With the arrival of the tourist high season, the U.S. has not changed its travel advisory for Mexico, which has remained at a Level 2 for nearly two years. According to the latest travel warning from Canada, the government outlined several specific areas that are not recommended, most of which are along the border areas.

As for the U.S., their travel warning for Mexico also outlines similar cities along the border with exceptions along the Pacific tourist areas. For the state of Quintana Roo, they report: