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Chetumal police chase ends with arrest of three gang members

Chetumal, Q.R. — Three members of a criminal gang were taken into custody from the streets of Chetumal after a chase early Friday. The arrests were achieved after the driver of the vehicle being chased by police entered a dead-end road.

Several police units involved in the chase intercepted the vehicle and blocked its way. From inside the car, three armed gang members are reported to have been arrested.

Local authorities have not provided details on the operation that lead to the chase and subsequent arrests, however, they have said that State Police, National Guard and the army were involved.

During the arrests, several high-caliber weapons were found inside the vehicle, they noted.

In a statement, the Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE) of Quintana Roo reported that “the FGE, in collaboration with the State Police, Mexican Army and the National Guard, continues its fight against crime in Chetumal with the arrest of three armed individuals, allegedly linked to a criminal group.

“During a chase, security forces managed to capture the suspects and seize high-caliber weapons.

“After a chase through the streets, State Police, Mexican Army and National Guard captured Natividad “N”, Pedro “ N” and Marcos “N”, identified for their probable participation in acts constituting the crime of attempted homicide to the detriment of four investigative police officers of this autonomous body.

“The events for which those captured are related occurred on April 26 of this year, when investigation agents were in an operation to locate a Volkswagen brand vehicle unit, which could be related to recent criminal events in the south of the state and which was located circulating on Erik Paolo Martínez Avenue.

“When they were told to stop, the subjects ignored the indication and fled, starting a chase through different avenues of the state capital at which time the occupants of the vehicle attacked the agents with long firearms. The ministerial agents activated the red code by armed people and requested support from the security corporations.

Three armed gang members were arrested in the Chetumal chase. Photo: April 26, 2024.

“The attacks continued through several streets until they reached Emiliano Zapata, where the occupants of the truck got out to try to escape, however, Natividad “N”, Pedro “N” and Marcos “N” were captured. The latter was taken to a hospital for medical attention after suffering gunshot wounds at shoulder height.

“Inside the unit, six long weapons of different calibers were located, five rifle type and one shotgun along with chargers and ammunition, a chainsaw, a bag of clothing, cellular equipment and a plastic bag that contained substances similar to narcotics, among other objects.”