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Cancun man stabbed a dozen times over cell phone altercation

Cancun, Q.R. — A man was taken to Cancun hospital Wednesday after police responded to a street fight. Residents in Alfredo V. Bonfil called authorities after an altercation between two men on a public road lead to one being stabbed.

The injured man was reportedly stabbed more than a dozen times by his assailant, who was taken down by area residents. The man, who became injured when trying to fight off neighbors, was eventually subdued and held until police arrived.

Responding officers found a man who had been repeatably stabbed with a pair of scissors. He was taken to a Cancun hospital. His status remains unknown.

The man accused of stabbing him was handcuffed and treated for head wounds he sustained while trying to fight off angry neighbors. He was left laying on a sidewalk while police took statements and waited for a second ambulance.

Neighbors told police that the pair were fighting over allegations of a stolen cell phone.