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7 arrested in Mexico City counterfeiting ring

Mexico City, Mexico — Seven people have been arrested in Mexico City for their alleged participation in the making of counterfeit currency.

Four women and three men were taken into police custody after a counterfeiting investigation by el Ministerio Público Federal (MPF) of the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime. Federal agents made their search of a home with a warrant authorized by a Mexico City judge.

Their search revealed the seven people along with money in varying production stages as well as six printers, 11 cell phones, five laptops, boxes of paper and numerous other printing supplies along with three bags and several boxes of reproduced Mexican cash.

Taken into custody were Zully S., Saraí R., Areli S., Sonia S., Andrés V., Arturo V. and Dani P. The women were taken to jail in the state of Morelos, while the men were transferred to a prison in Guanajuato.