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30-hectare forest fire continues to burn in municipality of Solidaridad

Uxuxubi, Q.R. — More than 30 hectares of forest has already been consumed by a fire that has been burning for nearly a week in the area of Uxuxubi, approximately 37 kilometers southwest of Playa del Carmen.

According to brigades, it could take several more days to extinguish it in its entirety. For about a week, firefighters from Solidaridad and Civil Protection along with brigade members of the National Forestry Commission have battled stubborn flames in the rural area of the municipality.

Progress has been slow, but most of the fire is already controlled, despite the lack of personnel and resources, say brigade members. Emanuel Hedding, deputy director of municipal Protección Civil said “It is slow to work at ground level, creating the firebreak and trying to rescue as much as possible.”

Initially, firefighters were concerned the forest fire would spread to the spider monkey sanctuary, but firefighters have been successful in creating barriers that have stopped spreading in that direction.