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Tulum hotel guests could be asked to sign ‘informative document’ on legal consequences of buying drugs in Mexico

Tulum, Q.R. — In the near future, Tulum hotel guests could be asked to sign an “informative” document upon hotel check in. The single page document from the Ministry of Tourism reminds tourists that drugs in Mexico are illegal and that buying and consuming them is not tolerated.

At the bottom of the multi-sentence notice written in both Spanish and English is where the guest would sign acknowledging they understand the legal consequences of doing drugs in Mexico.

The document, which consists of around seven sentences, has been presented by the Tulum Hotel Association (Asociación de Hoteles de Tulum).

Tulum Hotel Association Director Carla Patricia Andrade Piedras, says the idea is to include all Association hotel members with the formal notification during guest check-ins.

“It is a format that we suggest be integrated into the hotel check-in process. It is a formal notification that in Mexico the consumption of these substances is illegal,” she said.

If approved, the legal notice document would be issued by the Ministry of Tourism (Secretaría de Turismo) to help prevent the consumption of narcotics by Tulum tourists, a problem that has plagued the seaside town for many years.

“Welcome to Quintana Roo!

“Drugs in Mexico are illegal. Don’t be mislead into thinking that purchase or use is allowed or tolerated.

The purchase of illegal drugs in Mexico is a crime and is punishable by imprisonment.

“Don’t put yourself the risk. Drug dealers on beaches and nightclubs will get you into trouble. They are not your friends, they’re criminals.

Enjoy a drug-free vacation.

“This is an informative document that must be signed by the visitor as confirmation of being aware of the information contained therein.

“I have read the document and understand the legal consequences of buying drugs in Mexico,” the proposed document reads.