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Riviera Maya taxi meter pilot project set for 2024

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — A pilot project for the installation of taxi meters is being set up to begin in early 2024. With the recent Mobility Law adjustments, the state will implement a first stage test with the installation of meters in cabs.

Rodrigo Alcázar Urrutia, the Director of the Quintana Roo Mobility Institute, says the current charge/payment method will not be eliminated, but the meters will be added to see where the system works best.

“The first thing we have to do is get the technology, which we are already looking into from several providers and, early next year, we will do a pilot test in certain areas with the meters,” he said.

He said that at the moment, there are 19 unions across the state looking to increase their rates, but they have not completed the procedure correctly, so they continue to be stalled.

However, he says the cab drivers have not had a price hike for nearly three years.

“Taxi drivers have not had a rate increase since 2019 and we have this high inflation, so they do have a point, but they have not presented their studies correctly to the institute,” he explained.

State Secretary Cristina Torres says that the taxi drivers themselves participated in the work tables for the application of taximeters which will be subsidized by the government.

She said after constant complaints from cab customers about the fares often charged at inflated rates imposed by the drivers themselves, the use of the taximeter will be gradually implemented next year.

“The intention is to improve the units, to have better conditions and to respect fair payment for users, but for now, the complaints are important so that we can generate the corresponding sanctions for those who are not complying with the tariff regulations,” she explained.