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Meters in Quintana Roo taxis on 2024 ‘to-do’ list for Imoveqroo

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The addition of taxi meters in Quintana Roo cabs is still on the to-do list for the government. Rodrigo Alcázar, the Director of the Quintana Roo Mobility Institute (Imoveqroo), says the necessary study to justify the installation of the meters is on the list for 2024.

Rodrigo Alcázar said the issue of taximeters is part of the the state’s Mobility Law and that during this year, the corresponding studies will be carried out for its application in 2025.

“The issue of taximeters is already in the law. This year, we will work on the study that will allow us to have taximeter rates and then we will ask Congress for the resources to equip taxi drivers with this equipment.

“For me it is very viable. I could see it start next year,” he explained.

Once approved, the meters would be installed in all taxis across the state. He said with the installation of meters, a fair rate per kilometer would be charged.

In the meantime, the state department continues with the process of removing old cabs from the streets. Rodrigo Alcázar says so far this year, between 30 and 40 older model taxis found to be in poor condition have been retired. He added that at the same time, they continue to prevent additional old units from circulating.

Meters in Quintana Roo taxis on 2024 'to-do' list for Imoveqroo
The addition of meters would mean a fair rate per kilometer. Photo: Riviera Maya News

“We are beginning to withdraw old taxis. We have been removing the old units since the beginning of the year. Old and in poor condition units are being sought out. We must have removed around 30 to 40 units so far this year,” he said.