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Man found holding security guards arrested for attempted Cancun robbery

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun police were able to arrest one of several people who attempted to rob a grocery store of its safe during the night.

The nighttime assault happened around 2:00 a.m. in SM 104 when police responded to the emergency call of a robbery in progress. Police, who arrived at the Coma (Compañía Mayorista de Abarrotes) grocery store, grabbed one male while the others fled.

The detainment of the man happened when police entered the storage area of the large warehouse-type grocery store where they found the man holding two security guards. When he saw police, he tried to flee, however, his attempt at escape was not as successful as his counterparts.

Police say they arrested 54-year-old carpenter Armando N from Tabasco.

The two security guards, 37-year-old Azucena R.A. and 28-year-old Gustavo C.M. were found without serious injuries. Tools believed used to try and open the store’s safe were found left behind.