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Large crocodile found to be ‘obstruction’ in city water line

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas — City workers in Cuidad Victoria were forced to clean a plant water line due to an obstruction. While trying to clear one of the main lines, they found it was obstructed by a crocodile.

Workers of the Drinking Water and Sewerage Commission (Comapa) in Ciudad Victoria were clearing strainers and lines of the pumping station when they heard an unusual sound.

Below was a trapped crocodile who they heard flicking its tail.

Once seeing the size of the reptile, Civil Protection personnel were called in to help remove it from inside the underground plant system. Once at the surface, the crocodile was measured to be more than three meters in length and nearly 200 kilos.

It took 14 people to get the crocodile out of the plant’s water system. Photos: DestaPANdo Tamaulipas November 8, 2023.

Fourteen people were involved in the removal of the croc from the pump’s underground system. According to Comisión de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado (Comapa), the large crocodile has been credited with decreasing city water flow by nearly 70 percent.

Photo: DestaPANdo Tamaulipas November 8, 2023.

After it was freed, authorities said “a crocodile measuring more than three meters was located in the Guadalupe Victoria aqueduct and after its rescue, was transferred to its natural habitat.”