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Highway U-turn leaves eight with injuries

Othón P. Blanco, Q.R. — Eight people were reported injured in a two vehicle crash Thursday in the town of Carlos A. Madrazo. Witnesses claim a semi attempting to make a lane change collided with a public transport van.

The accident happened on the Ucum-La Unión highway outside the town of Carlos A. Madrazo in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco as the large unit was attempting a U-turn.

A combi that covers the Chetumal-Rovirosa route was hit by the semi. Eight people from inside were hurt.

Paramedics from the Rino Rescue Group treat the injured, five of whom were transferred to the Rino Group Hospital in Huay-Pix. The other three did not require hospitalization.

State Traffic Police arrived to carry out the corresponding investigation and determine the cause of the accident.