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Governments announce go-ahead for Cancun projects

Cancun, Q.R. — The Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Arturo Herrera Gutiérrez stated that there will be three priority projects for Quintana Roo in 2021, which will serve for economic reactivation through public works.

Herrera Gutiérre, the Secretario of Hacienda and Crédito Público of the Government of México says 44 billion peso will be allocated in the coming year for projects Laguna Nichupté, sections 4, 5 and 6 of the Mayan Train and the Parque de la Equidad.

The Federal Secretary of Finance recalled that in 2019, resources were granted to Quintana Roo from the Metropolitan Fund to carry out public lighting work in Isla Mujeres. In January 2020, they talked about the Nichupté Lagoon project and over the weekend, they announced funding for the projects of Benito Juárez (Cancun).

“The impact (of the pandemic) began to be felt when the United States and Canada closed their borders, not only when the activity in Mexico ceased. That means no state had such a serious and delicate impact as Quintana Roo had, which is why we need these projects we are talking about to start as soon as possible because they translate into jobs,” said Herrera Gutiérrez.

Regarding the Maya Train, the state governor said that more stations will be built.

“The train has its largest number of stations and Quintana Roo, between sections 4, 5 and 6, has the largest number of the train’s routes, so it was important to see it directly,” said Carlos Joaquín, Governor of Quintana Roo.

Now there are new projects financed with the same fund such as the Parque de la Equidad in Cancun, drainage in Chetumal, as well as hydraulic water projects in Othón P. Blanco and Cozumel, he added.

He reported that apart from an economic reactivation due to the construction of the Nichupté Lagoon bridge, the bridge work “is going forward.” Now what has to be built is a timetable where the responsibilities of both the federation and the state are clear.

“Since 2006, it has been discussed. It is a project that has many virtues. It will generate jobs, clear traffic problems and ensure a favorable environmental impact. The number of trips saved will be 22 million kilometers per year and 5,000 tons less of emitted carbon dioxide a year,” he explained.

“In addition, the bridge will also favor Civil Protection because now, there is only one entrance and one exit to the Cancun hotel zone.”

Money for the Parque de la Equidad in Cancun was approved September 18. The 203 million peso set aside for the project means work can begin as soon as possible. The 2 billion peso earmarked for the Nichupté Lagoon will come from the National Infrastructure Fund (Fonadin).