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Cozumel police continue to investigate murder after targeted abduction

Cozumel, Q.R. — UPDATE: The death of a Cozumel man remains under investigation after his body was found hanged on a private property. The dead body of a man identified locally as Wyskas was found in the El Cedral commune of the island Sunday.

He is believed to be one of two men who were reported abducted earlier in the day. One managed to escape and was able to detail events, including the location, to police.

A search of the property lead police to the deceased body. Authorities also located several weapons, two AR-15 long weapons and three squad-type short weapons. The area was secured and off limits to residents while police investigated.

According to local reports, the deceased man identified by his nickname of Wyskas, was the alleged leader of the drug dealing cell known as Los Maseros. The targeted abduction and subsequent death of one of the men is believed to be a settling of accounts between drug gangs.

UPDATE: The FGE provided a brief update late Tuesday, three days after the event took place. In a statement, the agency reported “the FGE reports that it began an investigation for the crimes of deprivation of liberty of two male victims and qualified homicide of one of them, in the municipality of Cozumel.

“It should be noted that two victims were involved in this incident and not four. The State Attorney General’s Office reaffirms its commitment to investigate all criminal acts, as well as to locate and present violators of the law to the judicial authority.”