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Cozumel mayor delivers new recycling equipment

Cozumel, Q.R. — In order to improve the collection of recyclable materials on the island, Municipal President Pedro Joaquín Delbouis delivered new vehicular equipment to staff of the Recycling Materials Collection Center in Cozumel (Centro de Acopio de Materiales Reciclables en Cozumel — CAMAR).

Joaquín Delbouis stressed that the new equipment will help strengthen attention in colonies of Cozumel with the management of recyclable material such as tires, mattresses, glass and appliances, among others, in addition to improving the cleanliness of the municipality. He says the equipment was acquired with resources from the Derecho de Saneamiento Ambiental.

“We are recycling. With concrete actions we give sure results and people recognize it. With these new vehicles, we continue to raise awareness among the population of Cozumel for a better cleaner Cozumel so that their natural resources last for many years and provide well being for future generations,” explained the municipal president.

The Deputy Director of CAMAR, Adev Zapata Silva, emphasized that with the delivery of these units, which consist of two trucks and two trailers, the mayor has complied with his promise to reinforce the work carried out by the Recycling Materials Collection Center, which was lacking the necessary equipment.

He added that a few months ago, a tipper in complete deterioration was also refurbished and is now used for scrapping.