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Three busted in mid drug sale on Cancun streets

Cancun, Q.R. — The State Attorney General’s Office reports the arrest of three Cancun men after they were found in possession of crack cocaine.

The Attorney General says that drug enforcement officers have arrested José P, Juan K and Luis P after they were found in possession of 82 street doses of the drug along with a scale. The FGE says their capture was carried out during a buying and selling operation in the vicinity of 64th street in region 240 of Cancun.

The Investigative Police officers apprehended the three in flagrante delicto which resulted in the seizure of 47 small zip-lock bags, each with a white solid substance distributed among the three detainees. Likewise, another 35 bags with the same content were found in the vehicle in addition to a gramera scale.

The detainees and the drugs were placed at the disposal of the public prosecutor.