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Subjects rob account holders inside Cancun bank

Cancun, Q.R. — Police were called to a bank in Cancun after the report of a robbery and escape by taxi.

A woman, who was robbed of 25,000 peso in cash, was an account holder at the bank branch in the Mundo Maya shopping plaza in Region 98 of Cancun when the three men took her cash then fled in a taxi.

The incident happened around 1:00 p.m. when Blanca P.E. arrived at the bank branch to make a deposit. She recalled seeing three men exit a taxi and enter the bank with a firearm, demanding cash from the tellers, however, the tellers did not have cash on hand, so the subjects turned to the bank’s account holders.

Blanca P.E. said she immediately reacted by tossing her bag of cash into the bank’s trash can, but the men noticed and took the bag containing the money.

Witnesses said the three subjects then got in a taxi, but not before removing its driver at gunpoint. The driver of the unit was left behind while the three took off. Police report later finding the taxi abandoned on Chacmool Avenue.