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Police investigate targeted shooting outside Playa del Carmen municipal building

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An investigation has begun into the shooting of a man in Playa del Carmen. The shooting victim was intercepted by armed men outside a municipal building at the intersection of 17th South and 150th Avenues while riding his motorcycle.

He was shot three times. After being hit by bullets, he ran toward the municipal building for help. There, a woman who was smoking outside her place of work was reported injured as collateral damage.

While the man, who has been identified as 35-year-old Sebastián Lucio “M” from Guerrero remains stable in hospital, the woman was evaluated and found to have suffered only bruising. The woman, Alejandra “L”, has since been released from hospital.

The incident happened Friday night around 10:00 p.m. near a youth centre of Playa del Carmen.

In a statement, the State Attorney General (FGE) reported they began “an investigation to find the person or persons responsible for an assault with a firearm against two victims, a man and a woman, registered in this municipality.

“According to the private medical opinion, the woman, who was a collateral victim of this incident when she was smoking outside her workplace, suffered a bruise under her right breast, which did not put her life at risk.

“As for the male person, he was transferred to a public hospital after receiving gunshot wounds to the groin, right posterior shoulder and left buttock. His state of health is reported as stable but delicate.

“The first investigations indicate that the attackers intercepted the man, who was riding a motorcycle, and shot him several times. The victim managed to run to the front of a municipal public building to ask for help.

“The Attorney General’s Office and the Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace and Security of Quintana Roo work together so that no crime goes unpunished.”