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Police arrest armed man after causing Isla Mujeres accident

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Several people were left with minor abrasions after the vehicle they were in hopped a median. The Wednesday afternoon incident involved a public combi that was traveling on mainland Isla Mujeres.

The driver of the public transport van hopped the median in an attempt to avoid a roadblock. The unit ended up stopped in a lane of oncoming traffic. The incident happened when the male driver of a private SUV blocked the van’s way, forcing the combi driver over the median.

At least four people from inside the Route 17 van required medical treatment. Two ambulances arrived shortly after police in response to several accident reports along Gastón Alegre Avenue.

The combi drove over the median and into oncoming traffic to avoid the truck. Photo: April 24, 2024.

Isla Mujeres officers found the driver of the SUV intoxicated and armed. He was reportedly carrying a loaded handgun at the time of the incident. He was taken into custody. Police have not commented on why he had that section of road blocked.