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Playa del Carmen adds three specialized canine officers to city team

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three patrol cars adapted for dogs have been added to the city’s security team. Playa del Carmen mayor Lili Campos says the three units and three additional narcotics dogs were added by the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit for security operations.

Campos says since adding the units in October, 70 operations have been carried out using the canine officers that have resulted in the arrest of 12 people on narcotics charges.

According to Raúl Tassinari from the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Traffic who leads the K-9 Unit, the municipality now has seven narcotics dogs on its team. He says all seven dogs are specially trained in detecting narcotics, firearms and paper money, however, one has additional training in the specialty of guard and protection, while another one in the search and detection of people.

The canine officers, she says, have participated in joint operations with federal forces and the Quintana Roo Police in tourist and urban areas, as well as in the police filters located at the entrances to Playa del Carmen.

The dogs are trained to detect illicit articles and substances being brought into the municipality. The three new units added are in addition to the 199 new police units delivered by Lili Campos late last year.