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Pair arrested for attempted murder during Playa del Carmen altercation

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two people have been arrested for the attempted murder of a Playa del Carmen woman. The male and female taken into custody are accused leaving a woman in critical condition during an altercation Friday night.

The altercation happened inside the injured woman’s home on 62nd Street in Colosio in the presence of her three minor children. Neighbors heard the commotion and called police. When authorities arrived, they found a woman who had been seriously injured by a machete.

The pair alleged involved attempted to run, however, neighbors reportedly intervened and held both the man and woman until police arrived.

In custody are Germán “N”, 30 and Deysi “N”, 24, both from Chiapas.

According to the SSC (Seguridad Ciudadana) of Solidaridad, “Municipal Police arrested a man and a woman for the possible crime of attempted femicide after being accused of attacking a woman with a machete and seriously injuring her in the Colosio neighborhood.

“Germán “N”, 30 years old and Deysi “N”, 24 years old from Chiapas, were seized by the Preventive Police when they tried to flee. They also seized a machete. The officers requested an ambulance to transport a woman with cut wounds in various parts of her body.

“The Specialized Group for Family and Gender Violence provided protection to three minor children of the victim who were sheltered in the Office of the Defense of Girls, Boys, Adolescents and the Family of the Municipal DIF.”

Details leading up to the near-deadly altercation were not provided by police.