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Isla Mujeres opens beaches with restrictions

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — With the change in the epidemiological light to yellow, beaches along the island portion of the municipality were open Monday. The municipal head of Zofemat said that Playa Centro, Playa Norte and the Pet Friendly beach of the island have reopened to the public at a 60 percent capacity.

Director of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat), Keren Pinto Aguilar, explained that signs have been placed outlining the rules. She says the signs also explain the lights of occupation with the color green free space, yellow, medium accessibility, and red without the ability to enter.

The official explained that to avoid a rebound in Covid cases, personnel of the agency under her charge, as well as the Inspection, Civil Protection and Public Security, will be conducting tours along the beaches to monitor compliance with the regulations.

“Unlike other municipalities, our extension of beaches is small, so they opened all of them, however, we will adhere to the state epidemiological light, respecting 60 percent of the capacity of each beach. In the case of restaurant areas, each concessionaire will be in charge of controlling that their capacity is not exceeded as well as complying with the safety and hygiene protocols for their customers,” she explained.

Pinto Aguilar added that visitors to Isla Mujeres beaches will be prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages. Beachgoers are expected to keep the healthy distance of at least 2.5 meters and respect the various spaces defined for each person. Beach visitors must arrive with a mask and sanitizing gel. Groups of five people are the maximum allowed and all visitors must pick up their garbage before leaving.

She is reminding people that the yellow light is not an invitation to go to beaches, so those who do not have to be on them should avoid attending to continue controlling the spread of the coronavirus.