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Facebook ordered to remove pages deemed slanderous against Cancun mayor

Cancun, Q.R. — Umbrella company Meta has been issued a page take down notice by judicial authorities of Quintana Roo. The take down notice was issued late Thursday against a Facebook page deemed slanderous against Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña, the current mayor of Cancun.

The page called Ratiposting was created by an unidentifiable account user. On Thursday, legal representatives of Meta Platforms Inc. were given 24 hours to remove the page.

During a Plenary Session of the Electoral Tribunal of Quintana Roo (Teqroo), the page was found guilty of promoting electoral slander against Ana Patricia Peralta after she filed a legal complaint.

Teqroo required the legal representative of Meta Platforms Inc. to eliminate the content of two URLs, given that the publications on their Facebook network constituted electoral slander.

The higher-up request was made as the state enters the beginning phases of an electoral process set for early June. The slanderous Facebook page has since been removed.