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Cancun suspect wanted for dousing woman in gasoline captured

Cancun, Q.R. — A man wanted for the attempted murder of his girlfriend after dousing her in gasoline has been arrested. Manuel de Jesús “N” was taken into custody Friday by Cancun police on an outstanding arrest warrant.

Local authorities say that he is accused of pouring gasoline on her after forcing his way into her home on April 13 of this year. He then threatened her with a knife before forcing her out onto the street from where she managed to escape.

According to the State Attorney General statement, once on the street the pair began to struggle which is when the woman was able to run into a nearby grocery store for help.

“Derived from the investigations related to these events, it was established that Manuel de Jesús “N”, on April 13 of the current year, poured gasoline on the victim’s body when he arrived at the woman’s home, which he entered by force.

“He later he subdued her and threatened her with a sharp weapon, forcing her to leave the building and when they struggled in the street, she managed to escape from her attacker by taking shelter in a grocery store,” the statement read.

Manuel de Jesús “N” is facing charges of attempted femicide.