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Barracuda likely source of bite to Cancun fisherman

Cancun, Q.R. — A man was transferred to hospital after apparently being bitten while fishing in the Cancun Hotel Zone. The incident occurred at Kilometer 25 when he reported feeling something bite his left leg.

Paramedics were requested for the 52-year-old fisherman, who was transferred to hospital for an evaluation. Circulating media reports say the man was bitten by a shark, however, the fisherman, identified only as D.F.R., says he did not see what bit him.

On-site medical personnel indicated that due to the type of injury, it was likely something else since the man suffered scratches, not bites. He added that witnesses reported seeing a barracuda near the scene.

The director of Civil Protection, Antonio de Jesús Riveroll Ribbon, also said that a shark bite has not been confirmed, adding that the man said he felt a strong blow to his leg, which caused him to lose his balance.

Barracudas are popular in Riviera Maya waters. They are known to be an aggressive, dominant predator, often relying on the surprise tactic to catch prey. While attacks on humans are rare, bites can result in lacerations.